About George W. Kanyeihamba's autobiography, THE BLESSINGS AND JOY OF BEING WHO YOU ARE, Prof. Joe Oloka Onyango [Makerere University, Kampala] intimates:

Do not start reading this book before you attend to today's urgent business because you will not put it down before you are done.  It is rare to find a book that tickles every emotion, but Justice George Kanyeihamba's excites and absorbs one's attention all the time. The book is an encyclopedic adventure in politics, law, culture and the academy. It is a genius of historical recollection, but always with present-day relevance.

Few Individuals in contemporary Uganda are better known or appreciated than George Kanyeihamba. He is well known in Africa and beyond, in places, institutions and fora where he has distinguished himself as scholar, speaker, resource person and consultant. His passion for Human Rights and the protection of vulnerable individuals is well known. When he cries because people have been persecuted or rescued from torture, you cry with him. When he demands accountability and transparent governance, you have to join him in the struggle.

But this is also a deeply personal account of Kanyeihamba the man; his influences and passions; his loves and of those things he simply hates. Indeed, when you are done with this story, you will ask for the next book.
I invite everyone to share in Kanyeihamba's blessings, joy and passion.

Above: As a Justice of the Supreme Court, posing between the Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice..

Above: Signing the newly produced 1995 Uganda Constitution by the Constituency Assembly of which he was the Chairperson  of its Legal and Drafting Committee.

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